I’m Happy

Today was a beautiful day in Cheonan South Korea. Not only was it beautiful because of the weather, but because of the realization that I came to about where I am. Today I truly realized a few different things. The first, was that I’m happy. So many times I find myself almost trying to be unhappy or find a reason unhappy. Wait, let me reword that to help you understand where I’m coming from. So many times I find myself listening to the people around me in life, including everyone from friends to the media and rarely listen to my own heart. Well, today I listened to my own heart, and it was great! Today I realized that I shouldn’t feel bad for being in Korea just because family and friends from home miss me and I miss them. When I say bad, I mean guilty and a strong urge for the need to go back to the states. The realization today helped me know that I am happy. I am happy unlike most any time I can remember in my life, and in return I think those who care so much about me would be happy to hear that I feel so. I am so blessed, I have so much to be thankful for, and I’m not stressed! I don’t know if many can understand what it feels like to have most memories in your life saturated in stress. Finally I feel so relieved, so happy, so fulfilled and ….and… Happy! Praise be to the Lord God almighty!

I have noticed that lately I have felt guilty for things that I have no need to feel guilty about! In fact as I recall them, they are likely simply attacks from evil just trying to get me down. I have much to be grateful for, and am going to live life and enjoy where I am at with no worrying about the future, who I will visit, who I will need to take care of, who will take care of me, where money or food will come from, what is happening in others lives, but rather enjoy and soak in what is happening here and now! Life is too short to busy oneself with all that junk! God has a purpose for us and will reveal it as we trust in Him and follow His lead! He has it under control and we should quit trying to run the show. So here’s hats off to you God, run the show, I want to sit back and enjoy it!

If you are reading this post you are likely one of those people in my life that I am so lucky to have the privilege of knowing. I am so very thankful for each and every person God has given me the privilege of knowing, meeting, or being related to. Thank you for being you and thank you for taking a moment to care what is going on in my life. Peace be with you. 🙂

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Kris in Korea

Hello to all my friends and family across the globe. I have now moved to South Korea and am teaching in a public high school and am loving it. To help keep family and friends in the know of events in my life I have decided to attempt keeping a blog. Please be patient with me while I figure out how to use it since it is all new to me. This is actually the second blog I have opened because something was messed up with the other one. My first post is simply what you have read. I am trying to fill out my profile section for this Blog but I want to make it special. There is a section that asks me to tell about myself but I don’t want to. I want whoever reads about me to know what others think about me, not what I do. So, please take a moment and describe anything you want about me, be it positive or negative. 🙂 Peace be with you.

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